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Mar 7, 2012 1:35am PST
prize fell in favor of mitt romney. >> after being locked in a tight battle with rick santorum, romney narrowly won the presidential primary in ohio. romney also scored victories in virginia, massachusetts, vermont, and idaho. meanwhile, santorum won in oklahoma, tennessee, and north dakota. newt gingrich won in georgia. the state he represented in congress. robert lyles now on the results and the road ahead. >> we're going to take your vote, a huge vote tonight in massachusetts, and take that victory all the way to the white house. >> massachusetts polls close, mitt romney seemed to close his grip on the republican nomination for president. a few wins in virginia and vermont followed. that grip loose led in ohio with rick santorum. >> it's clear. we have won races all over this country. >> santorum is more like a surprise storm, winning tennessee, oklahoma, and north dakota. then came tonight's nail biter in ohio. >> i think it's a surprise because santorum is doing so well in ohio. >> ohio is a swing state every year, says aaron mcclear. political consultant and former press se
Mar 14, 2012 1:35am PDT
from newt gingrich. santorum won in alabama. the presumed front runner, mitt romney, came in third in both states. so now what? what does this all mean? susan is staying up late for us out of birmingham, alabama tonight. susan. >> dana, mitt romney really needed to win these two states. alabama and mississippi to prove that he could connect with the truly conservative voters, the christian conservatives. he needed it to get some long jeffty and stay in. at the end of the day after a tight race that came down to the wire, a three-way dead heat, santorum wins. cbs news projects rick santorum has swept tuesday's primaries in the south. winning both alabama and mississippi. >> we did it again. mitt romney spent the day rallying supporters in missouri. looking ahead to saturday's caucuses there. he's calling himself the one guy in the race who can beat president obama. >> he said he cut taxes for middle income americans. your taxes down? don't vote with what the pun dents say. >> santorum took his message directly to evangelical voters in alabama and mississippi leading up to tuesda
Mar 22, 2012 11:00pm PDT
on our website cbs click on news links. >> the makers of the etch a sketch 0 mitt romney paint de thankyou. their stock has soared since one of his advisers compared his rivals cannot leave home without one. >> i carry one of these around now. >> if you are serious about changing washington d.c., you cannot use an etch us sketch. you cannot use a child's toy. >> mitt romney has clarified that his advisor men shaking things up organizationally for a general election. not in terms of positions on the issues. >> love her or hate her, hundreds of people turned out in san jose to hear the controversial education reformer michelle read. here is kit with more. >> getting them to a point where they want to celebrate mediocrity? that does not help children in the least. >> among the most galvanizing people in the country talking about education reform. it is not hard to see why. >> the education system in the state today is in dire straits. because the state educates is one of every eight children, our country is not going to be able to turn around until we fix things in this state. >>
Mar 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
? >> reporter: both santorum and romney spent a lot of time and millions of dollars there trying to excite voters. . >> its gut check time. who wants it the most. >> i believe in america. i believe you will dot right thing tomorrow. >> reporter: gingrich said he expects to sake third place here in ohio. he is looking to make his home state of georgia his first win in six weeks. the former house speaker is asking supporters to donate $2.50 to his campaign the prize he said a gallon of gas will cost if he is elected. >> if everybody here with do just a little bit every day from now until november, we would win a stunning election former. >> reporter: not every candidate will compete in every state. only romney and ron paul collected enough signatures to appear onto virginia ballot. paul is targeting caucus states like idaho. >> i expect it'll be our best state. >> reporter: he has yet to win a single state. >> israeli president is spending the week in the bay area trying to build new business ties in the united states. he will spend much of his time in silicon valley. today the 88-year-
Mar 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
information and for stolen from a rental car last week in san diego. romney's campaign says they're not worried about the information being leaked that- does not appear to be politically motivated. a bizarre incident today headed from new york to los vegas. the captain began behaving erratically and was locked out the cockpit. witnesses saying when the pilot couldn't get back and he started screaming about al qaeda and a bomb. saying " they're going to take us down. flight attendants at the passenger's to restrain him and several pending down the man is told him down for about 25 minutes until that claim made emergency landings in amarillo taxes. >>> once i got involved and was able to get down it was a team effort. everyone came in and we wanted to apprehend him. there was a guy that was able to, people down. after the plane landed the captain was a strained taken nine yellow cards and transported to a nearby medical center for evaluation. >>> so have you heard of it yet? the book actually is a trilogy that is creating a lot of chatter and some nervous giggles as well. right n
Mar 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
there is a time for people to get behind this man. george h. w. bush formally endorsed romney in houston is the latest sign that our leaders are eager to wrap up the primary race and began a head-to-head battle with president obama's. the equates the first lady will be back in the bay area this weekend it raising money for her husband's reelection campaign. in the first of her agenda is a kick off to the families initiative tomorrow the academy of sciences and san francisco thousand dollars a day in the door. and a reminder the latest campaign news is always on our website cbs asset dhaka on. a very kids are starting to learn, it did with a doughnut that education now they're starting themselves and what they're giving up the wouldn't think kids could live without. >>> improve your many millions odds in math whiz reveals the secret to be in the system and winning the entire jackpot. >>> and saved by bear is the story that sounds too incredible to the trio how california man says,,,,,,,,,,,,, if i set of faces several charges that he was caught carrying on explosive material to his agen
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)